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Want More Profits? - Our Reports Will Help You!
Reports - Easy, Instant, Amazing! introducing... Reports PLUS™!

The Amazing Report Graphs Will Shock You Into Aspects Of Your Business Like Never
Before. Be In Super Control - And Change The Way You Run Your Business Forever!

Below are the Report Screens - they are instant and the easiest to understand
method - so in seconds you will be in charge of your business!

The reporting feature alone of this system will very much surprise you at times of how
fantastic it really it is. After creating a client type and you start entering the details on
the invoice screen (how they heard about you & what service they had), you are then in a position to instantly look at your business in the easiest possible way. There are 4 graphs to look at and these can be for any particular month or year. A COUPLE OF CLICKS IS ALL IT TAKES!

By SERVICE (what type of work they have had done - what is selling and what isn't)

Simply choose what month (or year) you wish to see for your 'Services' and it will display in graph form what has sold for that month or year. So if you thought that maybe your protector sales were pretty good for that month (or year) but in fact they were quite low, you could take action to increase those sales to what it should be! This is how you increase your sales dramatically! Link this in with the mail merge feature and you will be unstoppable! Another nice addition is that it will give you your sales gross as well as your average job value - superb.
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                         A graph produced showing what services you offer, which are selling - or not selling!

By SOURCE (Where they heard about you - is your marketing working/what is each strategy returning)

It's the same for the Sources. You really need to know where your work is coming from. Its no good spending money on schemes that you think are good ideas - unless you can prove it! Simply look at the graph and see how much you have made from say the Thomson local, or Parish magazines, Recommendations, Internet...the list goes on and they are all there in the database! If you have good figures for any of them then you know that you can continue to spend your hard earned money on those areas, and stop spending money on any other areas that have little selling capabilities. This is how you strengthen your marketing spend and save money too. Your business will easily grow knowing what works and what doesn't. This will make you more money and save money at the same time!.
This graph gives you information on where your work is coming from. You can quickly determine which marketing method works - and which doesn't!


Need to know what sector is working better than others? Domestic, Commercial, Retail. They all need checking and can be very useful when putting together a business plan for instance. This can also be of benefit when you might presume that for example commercial work is 25% of your turnover when in fact it might only be 15%! This will tell you to market harder and to gain more contracts. This will have an effect of increasing your overall profits.
                                       Here it shows you what sector of clients you serve in terms of sales

By INVOICE (Total Sales for the month or year)

Total sales is an important figure you need to constantly know, it's no good presuming! Simply view the sales graphs for either the year (each month is displayed as a total), or by a particular month showing daily totals and a gross month total.
This graph (once you have completed more months they will show) gives you a snapshot of your business on a per month basis. Quickly see how your general sales are going, to keep on top of your cleaning business.