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Appointments / Diary (Calendar)
Get Smart - Get Booked & Make Everyone's Life Easier!
Create/Schedule Appointments!

Set Reminders & Repeat appointments for clients!

Link Appointments up to Invoices & Quotations!

Print off separate Daily Worksheets to give to technicians!

Easy to insert Clients!

Automatically inserts address details, quotes, invoices & prices!

Use separate diary's for your staff/technicians!

E mail technicians with their job details!
View the appointments by either a day, a week or month (this is the working week - Mon to Fri). Easily select clients to insert too. This is great for setting reminders aswell!
Simply select a client, invoice or quote will automatically insert the details - including address, what service you are carrying out - and the price!
Easily control your staff by each having their own diary appointments - which can be controlled by you the business owner! You can also print off their own worksheets each! Hover over an appointment for more detail.
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Follow up a CLIENT'S request to remind them when they want items cleaned again.
Easily go in to the appointment screen and set up a normal appointment, then quickly set when they want to be reminded. You can even set a repeat recurrence of this too!
Setting up a Clients REPEAT (recurrence) Appointment.
A completely adaptable way to have a repeat appointment set up for your client. You can set the date, the time, how often, when it starts and ends, the duration. EASY.