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Your Sales Accounts

For your sales accounts, we have now just made it a whole lot easier - and quicker! Basically this program holds all your sales data and you don't have to do anything - until you actually need it!

When the time comes and your accountant needs your sales information i.e. Date of invoices, invoice numbers, clients name, dates paid, sub totals, vat and gross totals....all you need to do is select a date range that you need and click 'send'. All this data then gets sent to your accountant on an easy to read spreadsheet. How simple is that! He can then easily export/filter the information to his liking!

The reason your accountant gets this so easily is because you enter an e mail address (only the once) and then every time you send the data, it will automatically go to that e mail address. Of course the e mail address can be changed whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Now you can forget all that working out the figures yourself, putting it into spreadsheets one by one - or even worse calculating it all by hand and a calculator!!

So how many hours is this going to save you?.....Well lets just say you can afford to enjoy the extra time saved - doing things like taking your family out, or just relaxing!

Screenshot showing sales have been selected, and the button 'Email Sales List' has been selected. Up pops your email window and all you have to do is click 'send'! Your accountant will receive ALL your figures in a csv file. If you dont have an e mail program then simply click 'export to CSV' and then you can send this file via your gmail, hotmail etc etc!

Note: This accounts feature does not cater for all your other running costs i.e. Purchases, petty cash etc, so this must be calculated seperately by you or your accounts dept.
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