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Simply open the client screen to send a text!
Access to the Property -- Multiple Option 'Opt Out' -- Confirmation of email Address

Apart from the NEW texting feature, and the new client file feature - we have also tweaked the client screen a little more to show what sort of Access to the Property is required. You can enter your own text but we have added TM, Portable, LM. There is also a Multiple Option 'Opt Out' choice for marketing to the client, and a Confirmation of email Address to say that it is correct & checked.
              Text Marketing (Text TARGETER)

Our unique inbuilt text marketing system is now integrated into the 'marketing' section of our program (used to be called 'mail Merge'). This feature allows users to send individaul texts or bulk texting using our usual simple but powerful filter tools. If you have been using the bulk merge feature to send out letters/flyers etc and/or emails then you will instantly know how to use the texting feature. We have made it to work in the same way!
Simply click the phone icon to send your client a text message!
Bulk texting has never been easier!
For more information on our Text Marketing please go here
Client Files (pictures or videos of Jobs etc)
Have you ever thought - wouldnt it be nice if I could have some sort of system where I can refer to my clients jobs - some way of seeing what they have (and the result achieved?)

Well now you you have access to this via our latest feature in Cleaners Mate. You can store files and these can be images, videos, pdf's, word documents - anything. So now before you go to a client you can actually SEE what you are doing before you even go there! This is also great for having back ups of what you did on the day - in case of any disputes - how reassuring is that!

Simply go to the client screen and click Files. From there you can store whatever you need. The files can all be backed up at the same time as your normal back up (we've made it nice and easy!) so you don't lose them. We all know that these files can be large (images and videos from cameras for instance) so we made it extremelt connveneient for you and let you back up to a zip file - to save on your pc hard disk memory! See video Here
By clicking the File button allows you to enter pictures (and anything else) - see below
For more information on how to add files see our tutorials here
Other Tweaks
There is a new adjustment to Back Up feature. This allows you to tick a backup of clients files (pictures etc) and saves it as a zip file. When you use the the 'Restore a Database' (also has been adjusted) this replaces all these files for you. For more information on how to Back Up and Restore - simply watch our tutorials here
Smply double clicking the image name will open it in your default image viewer!
Quick Links:-

In the Invoice list there are now various contact numbers for easy telephone calls for overdue invoices
And if you need details on the actual invoice, then opening it up shows this - along with contact numbers again.
Nudge System

Ever been to a quote and thought 'I WISH I COULD CHARGE MORE FOR THIS JOB!' Well now you can - on the fly - whilst in the client's home! What we mean is you can nudge the price by a percentage by whatever amount you want to - across the board for ALL packages & maintenance plans! (for ANY other service too, not just carpets!). So if the job is a real dirty place or maybe in a flat on the 3rd floor (which means they will take longer) - well why not increase the job value by 10% for example, without the client even knowing!! Our users think this is a godsend and so do we! PLUS you can even nudge it backwards to give them a discount if you wish! See the tutorial here
Phone Conversions
Automatically Convert Room Dimensions Given By the Client (metres, Feet, Yards)!

You can now
Convert Room Sizes Given by the Client - Automatically on the Phone - to YOUR Preferred Measurement Unit! When a client calls you for a price and you usually use for example feet for room sizes -  even if already in an existing quotation, and they give rooms in metres - you can enter the metre sizes, then just right click the measurement and click Convert to Feet! and give them a price! This saves calling them back! It can be the other way round, in fact any measurement can be automatically changed i.e. feet, metres and yards with ANY combination!

Multiple Area Rooms

Got an Unusual Shaped Room i.e. An L Shaped Lounge? - but you dont want to enter it as 2 rooms - on 2 separate rows? No problem! Simply enter the first area and size, then just click 'Show Additions' then enter the size of the 2nd area and type in a reason if desired. This keeps it all nicely on one line to save room and total both areas together! Users love this feature! So along with the existing Deduction system which allows you to simply enter a whole room size - then enter a bed for example - to remove it from the measurement (if they want you to clean around it), well you now have the best of both worlds GREAT! More details here

Text Marketing
Client Files Photos/Videos etc
Other Tweaks
Updated April 2013

Duplicate Checker

There is now a system to check if you have any existing clients already in your database. There is nothing worse than having multiple clients with the same name and address - so now when you start typing the first name, surname or postcode when creating a new client, a pop up will come up allowing you to either use an existing record with the same details or to simply ignore it if it is not. A great tool!